2018 Pearson Vue Testing Good Sign

  1. I wanted to share my experience with NCLEX testing since I found some of the posts helpful for me after testing.
    First: I took the NCLEX- RN exam in Georgia on 2/6/17 at 2:00PM. I got 75 questions which consisted of multiple choice, SATA, Drag & Drop. I completely felt like I had failed afterwards. Once I got home I tried the "PVT trick" which is basically you returning to the Pearson Vue website where you originally registered for the exam and trying to re-register. You have to go all the way through the steps (if you're confused there are plenty of YouTube videos to help) including putting your card information in (I used several old cards that had not expired but I knew had no money on them).
    Once you click submit like once or twice a screen popped up saying, "Our records indicate you have previously scheduled this exam. Another registeration cannot be made at this time". So that's the good pop up, from what everyone is saying. I can't speak on any other pop up as I got the result mentioned above. The next day 2/7/17 before 2:00 PM my name was on the GA board of Nursing website. So Georgia's turn around is very quick so there is no need to purchase the 48 hr result which can save you about 8 bucks. From my experience it's safe to say the "PVT trick" is still alive! I still wasn't sure of it until my name was on the board website. But I offered my experience to hopefully ease another upcoming nurse anxiety along the way! Good luck.
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  3. by   hopefulRN'17
    Congratulations and best of luck to you!!
  4. by   Gml2095
    Yes it's nearly 100% accurate. It's amazing, I for sure thought that I has failed. Like I knew I failed and was so distraught. But then I started reading up about how everyone feels the same and how everyone tries the PVT trick and usually get the good pvt pop-up and pass. I just had to try it the next morning when I felt much better. Surely enough, I got the good pop-up. Obviously still nervous, but it relieved a huge chunk of my stress. And surely enough, I passed. It def works.