"Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN Examin

  1. [font=franklin gothic medium] has anyone purchased the new[font=franklin gothic medium] linda anne silvestri phd rn "saunders comprehensive review for the nclex-pn examination, 5e (saunders comprehensive review for nclex-pn)" 2012?
    please let me know if you like the book, cd, contents?
    the book will arrive by june 20th to my house.

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  3. by   irvster87
    I've been using it to study for about a month. The chapters are to the point, and I feel that the questions are excellent practice. The CD is also a great resource. I feel confident about taking the NCLEX.
  4. by   Assess&Safety1st
    that's great to hear! i'm waiting for the book to arrive.....count down.
    i'm still reading the 4th edition:d. when do you plan to take nclex - pn?
  5. by   ray87
    Weird. I asked a question to the elsevier people about the new nclex pn book and they said there is no cd, just a companion thing on the website. where did u buy the new saunders pn book?
  6. by   boogalina
    I used this book to review for my NCLEX-PN exam, which I took and passed with the minimum number of questions. Due to a lack of time, I only did the diagnostic test from the CD, and the book questions in chapters 1-55, to ascertain areas I needed to review more.

    I wish I had this book during my LPN year to use as a supplement to the learning activities through my program. I think my course test scores would have been higher.

    I plan to use certain pages of this book as a continuing reference as I start my nursing career, and will buy the RN version of this book to use this coming year.
  7. by   iluvnursing07
    Yes there is no cd companion to the book anymore.it is based online where you need to register on their website. I love the book but not to fond of the questions. Thats why i purchased the kaplan qbank. Kaplan question are much harder and my scores arent great i feel like im losing hope in this test. Taken so numerous times and last test was near passing standard in all categories.
  8. by   Anne36
    I thought the Saunders CD with the 4th edition was too easy. Im sure Kaplan has a better questions bank. The 4th edition Saunders and the Kaplan 2012-13 Stratagies, Practice and Review were the only books I had to study for my nclex. I also used the nclex-3000 which was free online to do practice questions. I studied for about 1 month before the exam. Its good to review and study but I did end up with a bunch of questions on the exam I really didnt know the answer to and had to guess, was sure I failed it when it was over. Good luck iluvnursing07, hate that we have to go through the stress of this exam after nursing school.
  9. by   Rissachelios
    haha 2 years later I hope you still have the CD omg can you donate it to me ? did it help you ?Im so scared!! please email me - Rissachelios@gmail.com
  10. by   Jericho9mm
    I used the 6th edition, and doesn't really have a lot of new things (my teacher has the 5th edition and we compared), I studied it and used the practice questions (minimum of 100 everyday) and it helped me to pass my board (I just found out trough quick results). Highly recommended!!!