**PASSED WITH 75 Qs!!! PVT STILL WORKS! (Feb 2018)**

  1. [FONT=arial, sans-serif]I took my NCLEX on Valentine's Day 2018 (that's how much I "love" myself!). The exam cut off at 75 questions and I left feeling fine but got on the metro to enjoy a nice dinner and broke down and started crying in public! I SWORE UP AND DOWN I failed because I felt there were basic concepts that I thought I got wrong and felt so stupid. I called two friends to calm me down. I ended up going to V-Day dinner and on the train home, my friend "bullied" me into doing the PVT for peace of mind (this is around 10:30PM)...I got the "good popup" and my friend congratulated me and called me a nurse. I felt a lot calmer but I was in so much denial from all of the compounding anxiety that I didn't feel at ease until I got the "unofficial" results 2 days later. It's not official, but it was way more "official" than the Pearson Vue Trick! Friday rolls around, I paid the $7.95 and it big caps I saw "PASS"! I'm so thrilled!! All the hard work, social life lost, pounds gained, hours spent studying...I'M A NURSE!!!

    Initially, I did 75 UWorld questions a day but my scores were so LOW and I felt like I didn't know the material....enter Hurst Review!! Hurst Review was a GAME CHANGER for me and I owe Madame Hurst a HUGE THANK YOU!!! I did one body system a day and then I would do questions that correlated with that body system on UWorld. I spent almost 3 weeks doing this and to be honest, I felt like I needed more time to go over the Hurst Review book from start to finish one more time and do 500 more World Qs (I only did about 1,000) which is why I entered and left the exam feeling anxious. But 75 questions later, I PASSED!!!

    Let me know if you have any questions.
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    Yes, you are a NURSE! Congratulations...
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    Congrats!!! So exciting.