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NCLEX and disaster nursing


Can anyone direct me to any sources of information regarding the NCLEX and its relatively recent focus on disaster response?

I have scoured the NCSBN web site and Googled but can find nothing. I am not looking for anecdotal sites that focus on what past test takers say they have had for questions. I'm looking for a statement that says this is the focus, and this is why we've decided to include it, or comments from test prep companies that monitor NCLEX.

I've had no instruction in this area and was caught by surprise on a recent RN predictor test. I'd like to know how to prepare for these questions, which really got into nitty-gritty, but I have no idea where to begin looking. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Actually disaster questions were very common on the exam about two years ago or so, do not hear of many of them being on there of late. There is also no predictor of what the focus is going to be for each and every exam. There are 2500 questions in the computer bank and they are forever changing, that is why one is able to retest in just 45 days; it used to be that all states required 90 days as the turn-over was lower.

There are quite a few excellent articles on disaster planning and disaster triage that can be found by just using your search engine. I would not focus on finding articles about this type of question on the NCLEX exam, it will not give you any answers. But go right for the source of what is being done with disasters and how it differs from what one does in the hospital setting. This is what you need to know.

Percentages mean nothing in determining the chance of it being on an exam.

Be aware that you are also not going to see what other posters had on their exam concerning these types of questions as they would be in serious trouble concerning their exam and could have them cancelled out for doing exactly this. One has to sign a statement just before they are permitted to begin their exam that they will not share or reveal anything specific as what was on their exam. And if it was on there in the past, it is not going to be on their now.

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