NCLEX cut me off at 75 questions

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took test on Thursday at 8am. Sweated until Saturday at 9am. Until I got to the "PASSED" page. then lost it emotionally. Im glad my wife was around to hold me up.

THAT WAS A TOUGH TEST!! I thought I failed and couldn't get that out of my head. I was second guessing all my answers and knew I got some wrong! It was eating me alive!

TIP: My experience with the NCLEX had me narrow each questions to 50% (get rid of two answers) then i still wasn't easy BUT>>>>it was easier because I eliminated two of the answers. Then there were easy questions and then they got harder....****.

Try to log on and see if you can re-register as soon as you leave the test site. You can do it on your smartphone in the parking lot and get it over with!!!

And goodluck!

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