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NCLEX Application in California, Please Help. Thanks


Hi! I am a foreign nurse and I want to take NCLEX exam in California but haven't yet started my application. I have several questions:

1. I recently got married would it affect my application because all of my ID's are not updated yet. Is that alright if I will use my old license and ID?.

2. How long is the process in California?. should I apply via mail or online? which is faster?.

3. Are the request for transcript form and breakdown of Educational Program can submit anytime? or should I wait for a letter from the State Board after I apply?.

Hoping for your kind help!Thanks. :)

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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Moved to our Nurse Registration forum for more replies.

I already posted there, just waiting for the approval to make it public. Thanks.

Hi a big help if you can put a comment. thanks, I'm really confused if I'm going to take the application in California.

how sad no one ever tried to help me with my concerns. I thought this website will help me thru your experiences and comments. frustrating!

Silverdragon102, BSN

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There are a few threads discussing the issues with CA so you may find your answers there

changing names won't affect your application. I have the same situation as yours and I use my married name for application. I suggest that you apply online for your convenience. Request for transcript must be submitted asap concurrent with your application to lessen the delay of your application

YeXinZhi, BSN, RN

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Hello teamadvisory,

Are you currently located in the U.S. on a green card or a work visa? If not, California BRN will decline your application because part of the requirements is providing your social security number or individual tax identification number with your application.

Unless you have either an SSN or an ITIN, I wouldn't suggest applying for licensure with California BRN. Some states do not require SSN or ITIN so maybe look at applying through them instead.