NCLEX 3/31 Anxious


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I'm really starting to get anxious. :uhoh3::chair::chair::chair:

I took the NCLEX- RN on 3/31/10 at 4pm. :barf01:

Today at 12pm, I did the PVT & got the good pop up. I was happy, but the PVT didn't relieve my anxiety. I thought that I would only have to wait 4 more hours to confirm by using the Quick Results Service. I tried at 4:20pm, but it still says that my results are not available yet.

Is it 48 hours after the time you took your exam or after 2 business days?

Do you think the Holiday has anything to do with the delay? Different Time Zone?

I'm trying to calm myself down but the anxiety is really getting to me.


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My husband's posted 48 hours after he COMPLETED the test. He started at 7:30 am, finished at 9:30 and his results posted 2 days later at 9:30 on a Saturday. Good luck! :)


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Relax. Those results will come sooner than you can expect for the news to sink in. Good luck.


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Thank you all for your kind words & prayers! I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D I am officially a :nurse: RN!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess PV is on CST because my results became available 5pm EST.

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It was a difficult journey, but I'm thankful that I made it through. I have been reading these posts every day for inspiration. I don't have any new advice as to how to study. What worked for me may not work for someone else.

I used Prentice Hall Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN Reveiws & Rationales. I read the entire book, did all of the questions in the book as well as the questions on the CD, and read the rationales for all of them. Although it was time consuming, to me, it was an excellent review of nursing content. I also used the CDs that came with the other Prentice Hall books (MedSurg, Psych, OB, Peds) to answer questions.

In retrospect, I feel that it is important to know your content. Read and work your way through your review materials. If you took great notes nursing school, use them! As for test strategies, don't rush while taking the exam. Try to concentrate on answering the first 75 questions to the best of your ability. Read the questions carefully to understand who/what is the question referring to, and what are they asking of you? Read all of the answer choices. Once you have eliminated a choice do not go back to it! If you are down to 2 answer choices go back & reread the question again.

For those who suffer from test anxiety -like myself- Deep Breathing and Prayer helps. I prayed before, during and after the exam.

Best of Luck to everyone!!!!