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NCLEX Anxiety

by saslea2 saslea2 (New) New

I am scheduled to take NCLEX this week and I am kind of freaking out. Some background: I graduated 6 weeks ago as an A student, did Kaplan's program, and have pretty much studied my butt off for 3-4 weeks. I get 60-70% on most of the QBank tests (except the SATA test) but no matter how much I study, my scores haven't improved. They recommend 65% on the QBank tests so I guess I'm not too far off but I feel like I should be improving every time and I just hang out at the same score, time after time. I have basically one day left to study and I am wondering if I should just postpone my test.

Everyone is telling me that no one feels prepared to take the test, but I'm not feeling confident at all. There's so many random things that come up (especially with the SATA) on some of the practice tests I feel like no matter how much I study, I still see things on the practice test I've never heard of. Any advice would be much appreciated. :)

To me it sounds like you're going to do great! If I were you, I'd take your last day off and just relax. It will help to clear your mind from all of the studying that you've been doing, and make you feel more refreshed when you go take the test.

Good luck! (Not that you'll need it ;))

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I think you're good. In my experience with taking some Kaplan questions, Kaplan is way harder than NCLEX. NCLEX is so vague and easy. Its actually possible to overstudy for the exam as I did...

DONT STUDY WITHIN 24 HOURS OF YOUR EXAM. You seem like you're in great shape! Stop stressin and have s relaxing day today.


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I'm in the same boat as you! Take my nclex one week from today and have been using the kaplan course to study. I feel like I study so much everyday, test scores in the 50s and every test I take there seems to be more stuff I just don't know about! I cannot get Addison's, Cushing's, or thyroid problems straight for the life of me!

You're doing fine. One of the things to know about the NCLEX is that you will be getting questions that the computer guesses you have a 50% chance of answering correctly. It's the level of difficulty and how you are handling those questions that determines the outcome.....and you undoubtedly WILL feel pretty certain you failed the thing regardless of how you did! Normal to be on edge. Know what's weird? Feeling so confident that you "just knew" you passed.

Regarding SATA questions, DO NOT let them get the best of you! Look at each question as a True/False one, and consider each possible answer in that context. Choose the answers that fit "is it true?" or "is it false?" They are not harder than any other question if you approach it that way.

Here's my top two rules for conquering the NCLEX:

#1: Stop freaking out. You've got this.

#2: See rule #1.


Thank you very much, that was very helpful :)

For some reason I have a total mental block on those too!!!! No matter how many times I review those I can't seem to get them straight. I ended up drawing a photo of what each person with those would typically look like and labeled it to help myself out. Good luck on your test, you'll do great!