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Nazareth College


Hi everyone - I am thinking of returning to school for Nursing and want to know if anyone has heard anything (good/bad) about the program at Nazareth College (in Rochester)? Apparently there is no waitlist there? anyone know why? expense of the program I assume? I am submitting my application for admission this Spring. Anyway comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I've heard Nazareth has a good program and yes it is expensive. I just graduated from MCC, it's an associate degree RN but you can't beat it for the value. Good luck to you.

but I believe mcc has a waitlist right?

Naz does have a good program.

I almost applied there, but didn't mainly because I had more interest in other places and I was already applying to tons of schools!

Geneva Hospital has a program if it is near you. It is a 2 year program.


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Hey i actually go to Naz right now and graduate next yr. I transferred into the program last yr. Its a very expensive school that i will be paying back forever which is why there is no real waitlist. If you are transferring in to their school make sure that you go over what they will take for credits etc and when you can get actually graduate. If they had told me that my expected graduate date was dependent on having to take summer classes all summer i prob wouldnt have went to this college. The plus is that they do offer summer courses unlike fisher.

Hi. I was wondering how hard it was to get into Naz College. The nursing program specifically. Could you shed some light on the acceptance rate for the nursing program?

There is no wait list at Nazareth, they accept anyone who meets their requirements. I am there now, the only complaint I have is that it is very hard to get into the classes you need to take to graduate, but thats because I am a non-traditional transfer student. If you start as a freshmen they block schedule you to make sure you get all of your courses.

I like Nazareth a lot. The staff is very helpful and encouraging and so far all of my professors (in and out of the nursing program) have been top notch.

Summer courses are a huge bonus. St. John fisher has them too. I am told the Nazareth nursing program can qualify for premed in some places- thats what one of my classmates is doing. But I don't know the specifics.

There is definantly a waitlist at Nazareth.

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