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That is what the recruiter told me. That for the first 18 months you are assigned to various floors for a given amount of time. example like one month here, then the next two months there. (again remember i said she wasn't able to fully give me accurate information, I'm trying to contact another naval recruiter). From what I have read and spoken to army/air force automatically start their new nurses on med/ surg. So I've been really confused ha.


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I have never heard that. You don't get any special treatment like that just for being a new grad. Like I said, everything is dependent on the Navys' (or any branch for a matter of fact) needs.

To help you in choosing a branch, I think you should look at the branches outside of a nursing perspective.


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So, after having to bug the heck out of my last 2 references (which I feel deeply bad for doing since they are busy people), I finally got confirmation that my packet is finished!!! It's been a very long month working on this application and doing nursing school orientation at the same time, but I'm done!

Does anyone have confirmation on when boards will meet? I know it's 30-90 days after boards meet that I'll get the decision back.