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Navy NCP question


My recruiter is telling me that we will be able to finish the application packet in 2 weeks. I've been reading on here from people who previously applied and it has taken most of the several months to complete it.

Only reason I'm worried is because I start nursing school in 3 weeks. Is my recruiter tickling my fancy here or can the packet really be finished in 2 weeks?

If you get all of your paperwork, letter of recommendations, letter of academic standing, motoivational statement, etc turned in I don't see why the packet can't be done in 2 weeks. Waiting for the board to meet, make a decision, and hear back from the board is what took months. Your recruiter is crunching everything into a shorter time span.

I see. I'm meeting with my recruiter tomorrow. Hopefully I can finish everything before school starts.

@Don't Tread On Me, Are you a NCP recipient?


Never mind, I saw that you got the NCP scholarship. How many rec letters do they require and what's the word limit for the personal statement?

Ummmm If I remember correctly 3 letter of recs: 1 from an employer/supervisor, 1 from a professor, and 1 from reputable source. I didn't follow that since I got 2 from previous high school teachers and 3 college professors that all knew me personally. The statement limit was 1,200 words if I also remember correctly, since I just looked at mine and it had 1,100 words.

You are positive that your recruiter is a medical officer recruiter/officer recruiter right?

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I have been waiting almost a month to interview with nurse officers which is also required!

I just got done meeting with my recruiter. Holy cow, the 6 hour drive there and back is horrendous. :( I think I will be able to finish in 2 weeks though. My MEPS day/interviews is setup for next Friday.

@Don't Tread On Me, Yes my recruiter is a medical officer recruiter. Lol. So My recruiter is having me get 5 references!!! 3 supervisors and 2 teachers/instructors.

Holy cow! 6 hours going there and back!? Yet again, Texas is a huge state.

The majority of the paperwork that I did was through email. Here is a tip: Download the app TinyScan. You can take photos of documents and it will convert it to a PDF which you can sent via email. You can also get Docusign, which allows you to sign documents straight on your phone. Both of these will save you a lot of time and hopefully help send everything in 2 weeks.

The interview was really laid back! The nurses are extremely nice and majority of the time they will be answering any questions you have.

Good luck on the application! As always, ask questions if you have 'em and have a great Navy day.

@Don't Tread On Me, are the people referring for me going to be asked to write a letter or something?? I didn't ask what they would have to do or what the packet for them contains. If so, I would like to supplement my references with a short bio of my achievements and whatnot, if you know what I'm saying...

Also, I have PMed you a private question.

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Yes they are going to have to write letters. I sent all of the people that I asked a small personal statement about myself so they have an better understanding of me, even though all of them knew me very well.

Did you recruiter know how many spots are open for this cycle?

No my recruiter didn't know, but I was told they had around 70 spots for FY 2015. I'm assuming it'll be around the same this year.

I hear 65 spots for FY2016.. I just started my packet as well but will be submitted or as he he says should be submitted by Sept 10. Good luck to you. Just wanted to clarify with you guys tho and make sure that I have my information correct as far as commitment goes. If it's a year in NCP; it's 5 years active duty right?

From my understanding, if you receive 12 months or less of the stipend then it is 4 years commitment; Anything over 12 months is 5 years. Some of us are looking for staying past 20 years, but of course we are going to take it one step at a time.

My MEPS day and Interviews are all on this upcoming Friday. Should I wear a suit for my interviews??

Can I ask you guys in this thread what was the reason(s) for you to choose navy over the other branches?

Because I want to be a sailor. I'm in love with the water and I swim laps almost everyday.

@Inspired YES! I wore street clothing for my processing, but had a Duffel Bag with my suit for my interview.

@Edvaz90 I chose the Navy because it honestly just felt like the right branch for me. I grew up near the ocean and like to work around it.

Thanks @Don't Tread On Me.

Got another question for you regarding the APSR form... On the second page under "Current Physical Fitness Program" what is it exactly asking for? Is it asking for like recreational activities?? I'm a bit confused if I should put down that I do personal weight training and swimming.