Navy Chopper Crash


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A Navy Sea King helicopter has crashed during aid relief work in Indonesia.

Nine Australian Defence Force personnel have been killed. Six of the nine were Navy personnel and three were RAAF. Two suriviors have been retrieved and are aboard HMAS KANIMBLA being treated for serious injuries.

This tragedy is even moreso due to the fact they were helping the tragic victims of the most recent earthquake and were actually on their way home after spending the past 3 months assisting in the wake of the Tsunami. When this latest quake hit, KANIMBLA was redirected back to give further assistance.

Please keep our defence personnel and those we've lost in this tragic accident, in your thoughts and prayers.



gwenith, BSN, RN

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Heard about it this afternoon when I got off work. Sad day for all those involved and their families. Somehow this is harder to accept a loss like this during a peace operation.

No greater love hath any man than that he lay down his life for another..........

Tweety, BSN, RN

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This is sad news. I'm sorry for them, their families and your country.


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It is very sad that when the armed forces who represent us are lost in this way - when they are out there, helping people. They were so close to home - Almost there after 3 months and then turned and went back to help in such a devastated region, because of the earthquake - I grieve for their families and friends.

At this stage we do not know their roles in this relief - (names are not known) but they were there to give medical aid - It seems that in this we have just lost so many younger people who are not only doing their job, but the right thing for thier fellow human beings and in the name of Australia - Vale - condolences to any who may have known them and served with them


Grace Oz

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Thanks Gwenith, Tweety and Tookie for your words of condolences. As members of the wider Navy "family", we are in shock at this terrible tragedy. I still remember, vividly, how I watched KANIMBLA sail up the harbour on New years Eve as she deployed to help the victims of the tsunami. All of us gathered there that night at HMAS WATSON, wished them fair winds and smooth seas and a safe return home. We raised our glasses as we did so.

Our child's friends and colleagues are aboard KANIMBLA, and as you can appreciate, there is much shock, disbelief, and great sadness right now.

They will however, stay and continue to do a sterling job. We can be, and are, enormously proud of them.



jnette, ASN, EMT-I

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Oh Grace... just read this. I am so very sorry. How tragic and sad indeed.

Speaking as a mother with a son in the Navy myself, I can only too well imagine the pain being felt by these famiies right now. :crying2:

War time loss or during times of peace and assistance/aid.. the magnitude of the pain and grief is unchanged.

My sicerest condolenses to your country, and my appreciation to your fellow countrymen and their families suffering this tragic loss. (((((((HUGS)))))))

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