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NAU accelerated BSN 2013 applicants


Hello Internet, did anyone out there apply to the NAU aBSN for 2013? I never post on these things but we have a long 6 to 8 week wait ahead of us so it seems like a reasonable way to procrastinate.

I will join you in your wait. 6 weeks seems forever!!

It's so nice to find others applying to NAU! I also applied for the this Summer, fingers crossed! I hate the waiting game, but time is actually going quicker then I thought it would. Only two to four more weeks to go... eek!!

Hi, welcome to "the Wait"!!!! Are you from Az?

I applied too and am trying to patiently wait, but really just hoping they will decide a little earlier than March!

Nope, I'm from Oregon :-D Are you from the area?

Yes, I live about an hour away. I have a pretty solid GPA(3.8), but my Kaplan was 79. I am not holding my breath at this point, but who knows how it will all shake out. My healthcare/volunteer experience is my best asset, but I don't think they put too much stock in that. How about you?

I have two B's and the rest A's for my prereqs. I also got a 79% on my Kaplan, I did really good on all sections but the writing sunk me with a 65%, eek! It was a hard test... I also have been volunteering and job shadowing at the local hospital here, so hopefully that at least helps a little? My first GPA wasn't very impressive but hopefully with my prerec grades it will show that I'm really ready to be back in school. Did you apply anywhere else?

Jamthomps, sounds like we are in the same boat. I haven't applied elsewhere, but have kicked around Grand Canyon as an option. I cannot go out of state as I have 6 children(1 foster child who will be going home in a few months) and my husband has a career in our hometown. NAU is my best option and I am scared to death that I won't get in after all the work. I was physically ill to take the Kaplan, nerves got to me big time. I agree that the Writing sucked! I thought I did fine on the Writing and was surprised to see how low my score was on this section. It is really tough to think my application hinges on one exam. Have you applied anywhere else?

I totally know how you feel about the test, I was a complete nervous wreck! Wow! That's awesome that you are pursuing school with that many children, you must be a super multitasker! I am lucky in that I'm in a situation that allows me to move just about anywhere, I do have a dog and bf but both are willing to come with me wherever I get in. I did apply to a few other schools, two instate; Linfield and OHSU and besides NAU I applied to MCPHS in New Hampshire and University of Utah. All over the country :-D

Do you have a first choice school? Are you feeling confident about getting in?

If it was up to me I would go to OHSU for sure. It is a great school and it's close to my family which would be helpful. But I would be overjoyed to be accepted anywhere! I feel confident most of the time, but sometimes I am just so nervous! But I've worked really hard, so if I don't make it this round I'll just keep trying until I do :smug:

Hello all,

I thought I would pop in and say hi. I am currently an NAU accelerated student, getting ready to graduate in May. If anyone has any questions, let me know, I'll do my best to answer. Good luck to everyone waiting.

Wow, that is awesome! Congrats on almost being done, I hope I'll be in your shoes next year :-D I do have one question for now, does school go straight through for the year or are there any breaks? Like summer break, winter break etc... Thanks!!!!

Hi jl31911

Can you tell me about your experiences in clinicals? Was there a lot of travel? What was the hardest class?

Thanks and congratulations.

Hello all,

I thought I would pop in and say hi. I am currently an NAU accelerated student, getting ready to graduate in May. If anyone has any questions, let me know, I'll do my best to answer. Good luck to everyone waiting.

Do you remember about when last year you received you acceptance letter?

That's the real question. I have a friend graduating the regular program this year and she said they would probably take more than 8 weeks.

Rylin86 - Thanks. As far as breaks, yes you do get breaks. There is one that is about 2 weeks between summer semester and fall semester. Also we get off the schools winter break. It runs about a month and for me it was nice cause I got to go home and visit family and friends. We do also get spring break coming up, but it'll be a little less of a break as I am going to be working on applications.

As far as the acceptance letter. . . that feels like so long ago. . . I believe I got mine in late Febuary, but really thats a guess. For me it was a quick turn from acceptance letter to program start, as I was coming from out of state, but I had time to get everything together and find a place.

Adbnau - those questions are a little harder to answer . . . because really . . .it depends. Hardest class has really depended on what you enjoy and how you learn. You ask each of my classmates and you'll get a different answer. Semester wise summer was intense. It is a lot of learning for several classes plus some clinicals. Fall wasn't easy, it was just less busy/intense. Spring semester (only a month in) but it starts off busy, a lot more on your own stuff. I hope that helps. As far as clinicals, for traveling, again it depends. Last month of spring semester (your preceptorship) it is highly likely you will travel . . . .for our group it seems to be where getting placed 1 to 3 hours from flagstaff. For the other clinicals you have the option of traveling or staying in Flagstaff. We have had some people that have needed to stay local and the teachers/staff have been willing to work with them. Also I know that sites can change from year to year, so my experience can be different than what happens next year.

The two big things I have learned this year are: I can do anything for a year and to roll with it/be flexible. Overall, I would have to say the teachers have been great and super supportive.