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Hi Cohort 69! I just applied to Cohort 71 and have an interview 6/15, woo! I'm coming here because I am curious if anyone of you got in to your Cohort with no med experience? I feel like everyone applying has some and I am scared that that will be my deal breaker. I have TONS of customer service experience and have been a licensed esthetician for 9 years, working mostly in holistic esthetics. I feel like being an esthetician, I have a good amount of experience and knowledge, but not sure they'd look at it that way? I do have 15 hours volunteering at a Retirement Community, but that's back from 2016 so not even sure if that'd be worth it??

 My stats are 3.8 and 81.3% - second time applying, first time getting an interview!

Thanks in advance for any help/advice! 


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Anyone know if program is considered full time attendance gibill wise? I know the 2mo long prerequisite were not 😑