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This is not required for my job, but it is something I definitely feel would be good to have. Can anyone who has taken it recently comment on it? How difficult was it? I haven't taken a certification exam since my Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Boards back in 2001 so I am definitely WAY out of practice on test-taking. My practice as a PNP was 100% focused on newborns so my "work experience" prior to school nursing won't really help me. I am only one year into my school nursing job, so being a major newbie in a very small charter school has also not given me a lot of practical experience to draw from.

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If it's not required where you work or if you would not get a pay raise for obtaining it, I (personally) wouldn't do it.

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I want to, for me. Hopefully with in the year, maybe...

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While I think it is cool, personally, I'm working on my teaching certification as a health teacher instead (and the "official" department of education certification in my state for school nurses). I love teaching and think it will help pump up my resume in the school nursing world.