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What stethoscope is everyone getting? I think I am going to get the Littman Cardiology III -- its a best seller

Look at the Littmann Lightweight S.E.........that is what I use. Not expensive and works great!

Hey everyone!

Its been a while since we all posted on here!

Just saying a quick hello and congrats to us for getting in YAY!

Has everyone bought their books and supplies yet?

Anyone getting all nervous?

Which hospitals did you get for clinicals?

Hey Kuklara,

How are you? I haven't purchased any of the books or uniform as of yet. Hopefully I can start doing that within the next week or so. How about you? I am in Plainview hospital for this semester.

Hey Mishy congrats! Being you are Plainview you must be an evening student..Congrats on getting in.

Lol I bought everything already! I'm impatient I couldnt wait.

Piece of advice - I got a lot of my books from half.com and amazon. No joke from half.com I ended up getting a $212 book for $46 BRAND NEW!

I got the uniform, shoes, and even finished up that math test last night lol...I got the blue slip from Health Services, and pretty much just need the passport pictures and the autobiography and I'm done!

My daughter has completed :

the physical with blood titers,ect

completed the math test

ordered her uniforms...they just arrived....the pants are so long..she needs to have them hemed

Bought her stestocope

Has her bandage scissors..

Still has to :

order her books....

Drop the health form off

needs a watch with minute hand

needs her shoes

has to write her bio

2 passport phots

hmmm did i leave anything out?

I wish she was done....it is making me a nervous wreck!

Her clinical is at New Island Hospital....now called ST. Joseph Hospital....

Hey Annor! Looks like you are as ready as I am! I even made a checklist! Did you google her teacher on ratemyprofessor? The professors are up on the website.

When looking for books try half.com - One book that cost $200 at the bookstore I paid $48 brand new on the website.

I too got my blue slip...it took forever - I kept having to go back to the doctor like 3 times before they gave it to me.

I too finished the math test, got the uniforms (I too have to hem the pants). Originally I bought one uniform then I decided to buy another just in case. I got the shoes too (It sucks that we have to wear panty hose under our pants)

You might want to look into for shores Nurmates brank, the style is "Dove". I went to a nursing store and the woman told me they were their best seller...I tried them on and they are SOOO light and comfortable better than sneakers!

Thanks so much for the information on the shoes....she is going to look for shoes next week.

Books are so expensive!! She placed her order...still needs one book

She is doing a search on her proffesors as i am writing....she just said, her teachers are to be annouced....She is section B2

Why did they have you go back to the doc 3x's until they gave you your blue slip....just want to be prepared for anything that might come up...what can you tell me

So much to do....so exciting for all !

Her teacher actually is posted lol

If you look at B1 - it has the same exact shcedule as B2

The teacher for B1 is posted so that will be your daughters teacher as well.

Look at the two schedules, they are the same days, times, and classrooms

The only reason I had to go back a few times is because I had issues with my varicella levels being low, so I had to get the first shot, then get a blood test, then a second shot, thena another blood test and the health services needs copies of everything so it was a bit of a pain in the butt but I am all good now.

Are you going with your daughter to the orientation on august 26th?

She is on her own on Orientation Day.....

I am sure her bloodwork will be acceptable.....I hope so! I am guessing you never had chicken poxs...niether did my daughter...she had 2 boosters in the past

I will tell her what you say about the proffessors being posted..thanks for the information

Hi Im annors's daughter LOL :) .. thought i would finally join the all nurses site.

I've been checking my schedule on banner and still can't find who my teachers are, all it says is TBA for all four days.

I cant wait to get started this september!

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