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i will be taking my teas v test this july.. and i just ordered my ati study manual online. but i'm hearing so much about mcgraw... and want to know if there are more study material's i can use:up:

Here are some of the things I am using to study.

ATI Study Guide

TEAS Practice Exam iPhone App

McGraw Hill TEAS Study Book

I like the McGraw Hill and the iPhone app the best. The McGraw Hill book does a good job at explaining the details of each concept and the iPhone app is a great way to study on the go and test what you’ve learned. The app also provides answer explanations which has helped me understand why I got questions wrong and how to solve them the correct way.

Hope this helps.

Good luck!:nurse:

Actually there is a sticky on the bottom of this forum "How I studied for the TEAS" I reviewed all the postings, copied and pasted into Word and organized all the comments and studied from those and ended up getting an 87 which is pretty good on version V.

I also did the online ATI practice tests but I think the forum helped me the most. I would also add to at least read through the reading and English stuff even if your already pretty confident about those - there are some little grammar and spelling nuances we tend to forget. A quick review really boosted my score.

How much does the app cost??? And what did you score on the exam?

Can you tell which forum you are speaking of???

thanks.. i just bought the McGraw Hill book.. and it does not seem as difficult as the ati book...

thank you.. i will also do the practice test in mid july.. they said my test will be the end of july wish me luck:up:

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