NA 2, is it worth it?


I'm in NA 1 and I was wondering if after my six months work is NA 2 worth it? My big plans are radiology or lab but would NA 2 give me a good boost in income or should I just keep working on my degree plans? I soooo appreciate any advice thanks!


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The pay increase may not be big , but the experience and knowledge you will gain is priceless.

I have also been told that you will learn alot of what a NA2 does in nursing school.


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Extra skills are always nice to have. I say if you being a NA 2 works well with your school schedule and don't take time away from your studies go for it. The reason why I say this is because its always easier to think of more income but if it takes away from your main goal, school then its not worth it.


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I asked this a few times, but what is a NA2 and where do you study for this?


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Its a nurse aid two, you get to do more like suctioning tubes ect. In our state you have to have six months at least part time cna work and then its 126 or something hours with clinicals and a state test. :)

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Depends on where you are and where you want to work. In my area the hosiptials are making the move to hire only CNAII's. When I was hired I had to take a challenge exam and then still learn the skills, because this October they will only hire or allow to work CNAII. You do learn more skills which is nice, like they taught us how to do straight caths, but my hospital will not let us do the procedure, but it was a required skill to learn. More skills that you know wont hurt you.

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I took it and passed.. the raise wasn't much, but I get so much more back in skills... I get to put in Foleys and straight caths, do EKG's and pull IV's in addition to other things.

I figured I would need to know these eventually, so going for the certification was a win win situation. I get to practice my skills which can only be a help further on down the road.

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