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  1. nugget28659

    NCLEX results

    How soon after you take the NCLEX PN exam can find out if you passed? How soon can you work as a Nurse? I am not talking about the quick results. How long before it will be in the BON registry?
  2. nugget28659

    Where do I get LVN malpractice insurance?

    Wow this threa dhas been so helpfull. I have been looking for insurance. Thnaks to all
  3. nugget28659

    Finally done with nursing school!!!

    I graduated Tuesday the 14th. Congrats to all new grads.Gonna leave the books alone till after Christmas.
  4. nugget28659

    PDA's for Student Nurses??? Helpful or Not???

    I am going to get an Ipod Touch. You can get all kinds of medical books and software to load on a pda or ipod touch from a website called skyscape. My school recommended this website and using an ipod touch.
  5. nugget28659

    A little nervous

    I had to take English and math courses, so I went ahead and took my Bio, Psych, and Chem while I was waiting to get into a Nursing program. Now I only have to worry about my NUR classes this year. I also have most of my classes done for the RN bridge. Thanks for the best wishes and hope all who are starting soon have success.
  6. nugget28659

    A little nervous

    After a year of prerequisit courses i am finally going to start my LPN classes on January 6th. Man I am nervous as I can be. I am also excited to finally get started. Wish me luck. TJ
  7. nugget28659

    Twas the night before Christmas

    Good luck to you
  8. nugget28659

    Twas the night before Christmas

    Hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year
  9. nugget28659

    Twas the night before Christmas

    Twas the Night Before Christmas -A Nursing Version Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the floor Lasix was given, filling foleys galore. Stockings were worn to prevent emboli, they came in two sizes, knee and thigh high. The patients were nestled half-***ed in their beds, while visions of stool softeners danced in their heads. We in our scrubs, and they in their gowns, Fashion created to hide extra pounds. When down in the ER it became such a zoo, they called with admissions for me and you. They're coming, they're going, and they're all looking the same. My patience for patients is starting to wane. Now call lights are ringing, the patient 400 pounds, says "Didnt get my pericare, send my nurse now". And now delegation seems the best plan, We try to send others, for the needs of this man. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, But Santa himself and 8 tiny reindeer. Hey says he comes from Central Supply. To bring us LR, NS, & D5. The doctors then scribbled what no one could read. Orders on patients, to measure their pee. We try to decipher illegible words, orders for patients, to guaiac their turds. The new shift arriving, our day is now through, How did stool & emesis get in my shoe? We give them report and pass on the facts, and tell them of duoderm lining the cracks. And the nurses exclaim as they limp out of sight, "Ativan to all, and to all a good night". Merry Christmas to all Wish me luck . Next semester should be my last one for pre requisits.Hopefully get accapted into a progeram fall of 09
  10. nugget28659

    Passed my exam, do I have to wait to apply?

    Ithink the website is " pearsonvue.com " Click on CNA and scroll tru till you see your state GOOD LUCK
  11. nugget28659

    I did it

    Thank you both very much. I hope nursing school goes as smooth as CNA did
  12. nugget28659

    Patient care on woman or man ?

    I have just passed my CNA state test ,but have been working in a long term care facility for about a month now. I have had several women not want me to even be in there room let alone care for them. I do not take it personal . They are starting to be more relaxed and are slowly letting me help them more. On the other hand I have several that call for me all the time. I have also had 2 that wanted me to care for them at there home. Time and alot of patience will make the world of difference.
  13. nugget28659

    I did it

    I passed my state test today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yeah: I am so relieved. Now I can focus on doing being the best I can be.
  14. nugget28659

    2 days left

    Today is my last day. We have a classroom day scheduled. We will be filling out applications for state tests. getting our diplomas and doing practice tests for state. Now I just wait untill I get my test day.
  15. nugget28659

    Any male CNA in here and currently working.

    Wow ! Thanks guys. I just read all the replies. I am currently a CNA student . I have 1 day of clinicals left . I will be appyling to LTC facilities as soon as I get my state test done. I will be working as a CNA while in classes for my LPN . I really enjoyed my experience in clinicals. Your advice has helped me greatly. I know I did not start this thread but thanks anyways. TJ