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Hi everyone! I'm new to this site and I've heard this site can be really helpful with proper guidance for the N-CLEX. I graduated from a 4-year nursing program in December of 2007, and I have taken my N-CLEX 3 times and have not passed yet. I know that waiting is not a good idea in reference to memory of content (the longer you wait, the harder it is), but after not passing on the third attempt after taking the Kaplan review twice, I needed a break to sort things out. My anxiety about taking the test got the best of me, and honestly, I know that my anxiety is playing a HUGE roll in my failed attempts because I had the content down cold. (though I had a hard time with some of the pharmacology questions). It has been a year since my last attempt, and because Kaplan didn't work for me, I was wondering if anyone out there has some advice about how to get back into the content for review, AND what has worked with anyone who has failed and then passed. I know in my heart that nursing is what I want to do for the rest of my life, even after all this time I've had off from it. ANY advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!


When you get yourself situated, study as if you had never tested before. Start from the beginning and cover everything. Allot extra time to start with content study and be thorough. Then go to question mode. Do as many questions as possible and study the rationales. Work on your anxiety by learning relaxation exercises and practicing them as part of your preparation. Good luck.

Thanks so much :) Any little bit helps....I've got my fingers crossed!!!

Im really sorry to hear that. I wish I had some advice for you but I plan on taking my exam next moth for the first time and I signed up for Kaplan and Im doing it next week actually. I saw a lot of post from people who said that Kaplan really helped them out, what was it about Kaplan that you thought wasnt helpful. From the previous post that I have read they said that the questions were similar to the NCLEX.

Hi Dina0125,

I would go ahead and take the Kaplan Course. I say this because it really does help, especially with the strategies for the exam. And I am a HIGHLY anxious person to begin with, so I really believe that that had a lot to do with me not passing. I was thinking about it today, and while I took the course I wasn't concentrating on the strategies but, instead, I was thinking about the actual test. I preoccupied myself by worrying about failing or passing rather than focusing on HOW to take the exam. The mind can certainly be my own worst enemy because I'm always doubtful. But don't be like me, lol!

I wish you ALL the luck in the world with Kaplan AND the N-CLEX!! Don't ever give up!

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