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Hi. I find myself in a pickle and could really use some advice. One of my techs literally will not speak more than one word at a time to me. It's usually yes or no in response to a question I ask her. This has been going on for a couple of months. I asked her tonight if she was planning on ever speaking to me again b/c I am finding it difficult to work with her and she walked away from me with no response. She does not inform me of anything regarding my patients and she won't come in the room with me when I get a new admit. 

I am planning on leaving as soon as I get hired somewhere else, as I feel like the unit I am on is toxic. The unit manager states " there is no problem with my unit", and refuses to listen to any issues. 

My issue is, how do I continue to work with someone I am responsible for who will not communicate with me until I can get out of here? And how do I let her know that this is unacceptable? She does talk to others, they are about 30 feet from me right now laughing and talking...

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Why does she not speak to you? Is it just you or everyone? If it’s just you , you deserve an answer and she does not provide one, ask HR for a mediator to discuss it. If it is everyone, then just carry one and  do her work too because she is useless and can tell her that

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There is no salvaging an environment that is this toxic. Just get out ASAP. In the meantime, every single time something isn’t reported on a patient, tell your manager. If it’s 10 times a shift, call your manager ten times a shift. Your manager thinks it isn’t her problem, so make it her problem. 

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The tech is bullying you,there is no solution from mgmt,(I am sure they are aware and turn a blind eye)nor co workers,don't let her get under your skin,maintain your professional attitude but watch your back,do not discuss with anyone,plan on new job when you can.

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Are you the scapegoat? Are your coworkers saying that to avoid talking to you as much as possible? If that is what is happening be careful about who you use as a reference and get out of there quick. 

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