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My 265 story

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Hi E1. I just found the site and I think it is wonderful. I just spent the last 4 hours reading postings. I took my NCLEX at 10:15 this am. I had the whole 265. I obviously cant sleep and am sure I failed like everyone else. I had easy questions towards the end and a few multiples. Alot of medications and disease content I never heard of. It upsets me that I was borderline enough to have to take the whole 265. I think one of my other biggest problems with the whole experience is that I hate to fail. I have always been a good test taker...had a 3.85 at graduation. I have done Kaplan. I hate the thought of having to tell people who expect me to do well (family and work) that I have failed. I hate the thought of paying for quick results to see failed when I never have. I hate the thought of being reduced to a nurse tech. I am staying negative which is usually what I do in these situations to avoid even more disappointment. Everyone else from my school is passing (even people that had harder times then myself). I guess I just wanted to tell my story, hear more similar to mine, and get advice on how to deal with my nerves and how to not put so much pressure on myself. How do I handle the shame and embarrassment that I know I shouldn't feel but will?

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All if not most feel that they have failed when they walk away from the test. Hang in there and don't assume anything until you get your results.

Good luck

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Wishing you good luck. Hang in there.

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