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My stomach cannot take this!

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So, I took my NCLEX yesterday in Florida and have never felt this bad in my life! I graduated from a very respectable college in South Florida, Have a 3.5 GPA, am in Sigma Theat Tau (Nurses Honor Society), and have dreamed of nursing since I was in 5th grade. I paid 350.00 for a review class from a lady who use to write for NCLEX, studied for 2 months straight, did a 5,000 question book, and made a million notecards. So, when I walked out of the test yesterday after doing the hardest 200 questions of my life I started balling! I felt like a failure and felt like all this time and college experience meant nothing. I honestly felt like I did not know anything on that exam . Where do they get those questions? They were ridiculous :angryfire Please someone give me positive feedback. I can't stand this!!

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Very few people leave the test center feeling certain that they have passed.

You see so many posts with test-takers who have no idea as to whether they passed the NCLEX, because this examination is designed so that the vast majority of students answer only 50 percent of the questions correctly. This test works like a balancing beam: if you answer questions correctly, the computer throws progressively harder questions right back at you. If you miss questions, the computer spits out questions that it deems to be 'easy.' Therefore, very few people leave the test center feeling absolutely assured that they have passed.

Good luck!!! :yeah:

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Very common to feel this way after taking the NCLEX. Like 'what was that???'. Hang in there.


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Keep the positive thoughts and faith. It is what it is at this point. Don't dwell on what you cannot control. It will only make that stomach worse. I know!!

Good luck!

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