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My school is insane!


I went to buy my textbooks today. They have completely removed the books from the bookstore and now you have to walk down this winding enclosed concrete tunnel to get to this long ridiculous line in the basement of the school. Only 6 people are allowed into this secret underground room at a time and get this... it is guarded by a police officer... complete with uniform and gun and everything!

So then I finally get into the secret room and there is a HUGE cage (I felt like I was being taken to jail or some weird WWW match) and there are people working behind the little opening in the cage to get your books for you. I had to give them a printout of my schedule and they took it and went in the back and came out with my textbooks. I didn't get to take a look myself at all. Luckily for me there were no used books left or I wouldn't have even been able to sift through it to see what the inside looked like. (I wouldn't know if there were any used ones anyway).... and the little workbook manual was $48.00!

So then they give you your books and you have to pay for it right there. Once you leave the dungeon, the next group of 6 can come in.

Is this a bit weird or is it just me?? I mean come on... a uniformed cop? I realize that books are expensive these days, but can't they trust us a bit more than that? I really felt like we were being treated like idiots. And not to mention... I had my 3 kids with me during this whole mess. That was just not fun at all.

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Hmmmm....very strange. Never heard of anything like that before!


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I'm cracking up just picturing this..sorry!!!

That is most def. insane!!!

I hope the rest of your school year goes much, much better!!



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My CC was kinda like that, except it wasnt a cage and there was no cop around lol, you went into the bookstore and the front half was where you could buy school supplies and school shirts and stuff like that and the back half of the store was blocked off and they had a couple of employees there and you had to give your schedule to them and told them if you wanted used or new books and they would get your books for you, if there werent enough used books then you got new books. I guess they are afraid of people trying to steal them or something.

I had the same sort of thing at my cc 11 years ago. You left your backpack outside and only a few could go in at a time.

It was because of shoplifters. We get punished for shoplifters' behavior.


I'm cracking up just picturing this..sorry!!!

That is most def. insane!!!

I hope the rest of your school year goes much, much better!!


I know... it does sound funny. I didn't know whether to buy a book or start shouting ( in my WWW sort of voice) "SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY" lol

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