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Hi all, I am planning to take the nclex-rn for the THIRD time on Thursday.:cry: I have been studying for the past month using Kaplan 2010, ranging from 70 - 75%, nclex-rn 3500, ranging 60 - 70%, and Saunders, again ranging 60-75%. I also purchased Cram Exam, did not look at the content, just took their CAT exam and passed twice with flying colors. I feel like my percents suck, and do not want to take this wonderful exam a fourth. time. I am thinking of rescheduling my date. Are my nerves getting to me? :cry: Should my scores be higher?:cry: My head feels like it is going to explode. Thanks for any advice. Dee


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i think that you will do fine! YOU HAVE TO STEP OUT ON FAITH!!!! I take my exam on the 6th and i am so nervous! but you cant be nervous you have to have faith! and thank god after every answer that you mark ok! GOOD LUCK TO YOU !


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Leave it in God hands. Out of all them books I also recommend Linda LaCharity prioritzation. I failed boards 3x and passed last week. God and the prioritzation book helped me.


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Good luck.


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u r doing good u can do it!!!! just go for it n have faith on ur self. best of luckkkkkkkkkkkkk:up:


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Thanks for all the wonderful thoughts. I will keep doing questions until Wednesday afternoon, than give it a break, and my brain.:typing


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Do your best to think positive! If you tell yourself your going to pass the NCLEX you will pass the nclex. Just have faith in yourself. You will do fine! :) Let us know how it goes! Best of Luck to you!

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