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[i am so happy for you! So you will work soon! I wish I would too.

But I stil have to wait until i will get all the work done for CA BON in order to take the NCLEX.. Until I will have these done it will take a time..


Thank you very much for your answer. I will see if I can do something. If they want this, we have to sent them.

PS.. I love Prag..

Good luck to you!! : :yelclap: :cheers:


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My native language is Slovak which is completly diff. than english.

But I love to learn languages it is my hobby and now I can speak 6 languages without a problem, I learned them in 8 yrs.

Well, my husband says that I got excellent memory and everything what I read I remember for the first time.

Maybe because the NCLEX was so easy for me, I just was reading nursing books.I did like 5000 q's and I can remember almost all of them after encountering them for the first time.

This feeling I got NCLEX, I was sure I did this questions and I knew the answers.

Thanks for everything guys.

you rock mama ! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so are americans just lazy?????


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No americans are not lazy just the school system and society is diff.

Here is everything made much more easy for you in schools, I know my husband is in the tech. college and he tell me that the schools are jokes here.

They have often open book test and the teachers are telling them when the exam will be and what will be on the exam. Everything what they worry about it is only tuition. In my country are sholls for free and they don't care about that part, but what you know.

In my country teacher doesn't tell you when the exam will be and what will be on it. You come to class and he will tell you, ok you tell me everything about MI or CHF and you need to tell him everything from your head only and on the end he will give you questions and then grade you.

It was really hard.

I'm not saying you are lazy just the school system is diff. here and they don't really prepare you for the NCLEX. if they will you not study after graduation, but you will go and take the test.

My school prep. for my lic. for 4 yrs. and after graduation I had only 1 week to prepare for the board.

I don't want to hurt anyone here because this web was very helpful for me I just tell you my own experience how I felt after exam.


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Congrats on the NCLEX!

When I took mine in Florida (3 years ago), I had a similar experience: 75 questions, ones that were so easy I started overthinking the answer, etc. I had taken a Kaplan review course (paid for by my hospital that hired me) and I was in a orientation program for ED new hires, so I was constantly studying. I think I did around 4 practice NCLEX tests (over 1000 questions, well off my goal of 2000 questions) with an average pass rate of 77%. The information in the Kaplan course stated that if you passed their tests with a 75% or better you would pass the NCLEX.

I kept repeating the NCLEX mantra: the state BON is looking for a minimum level of competency, independent nursing action with a 'do-no-harm' approach. :-)

Seemed to work for me!

Good luck on your future nursing career


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