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Hello, I have been pretty much a silent observer since 2008. I love this site! I wanted to share my N-CLEX experience.

For starters, I had been an LPN since 2000. I continually took classes when I could and worked full time until it was time to actually "bridge" or "progress" in the ADN program.

My college offered a Kaplan Review class. It lasted 4 full days. I attended all 4 days and I took notes. Kaplan Review really helped me with some areas I was weak in. The last time I studied maternal/pediatric health and Med Surge was in 1999. Kaplan really helped me identify and then study the things I had forgotten (there was a lot by the way). I also found a few helpful sites on you-tube (Khan Academy and Michael Linares) that I would watch to update my brain. Kaplan has a large test question bank and they recommend doing at least 800, I did 500 questions. I also have a Lippincott N-CLEX review book and I read all things in it about maternal/pediatric health and all the endocrine information that is in the front of each chapter.

I took my test July 8th. I ended up answering 78 questions before the test shut off. Of those I would say 1/4 to 1/3 were multiple multiples. I had no math problems at all, no diagrams, one EKG question, quite a few delegation and 3 chart questions. I got my results the next day by 1130 am.

I passed :)

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Congratulations. Your determination and hard work surely paid off. Continue to SHINE in your Nursing career.


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Wow, you are an inspiration to the rest of us. Very happy you stuck it out and now are a registered nurse. I hope to be one too soon. :-)