My LVN/NCLEX-PN experience, California timeline :)


Okay, soooooo, to begin with, I felt a certain obligation to come back and post my experience here for allllll of us lucky enough to have to deal with the NCLEX-PN process, especially here in good 'ol California!

Mainly what I want to share is the timeline, which is what brought me to most of the time. Here goes:

09/2012-11/2013 LVN Program

11/22/13 Graduation

1/30/14 ATT

2/25/14 NCLEX

3/13/14 Official "pass" letter in the mail

3/17/14 Received temporary license in Sacramento (does NOT have your actual license number BTW)

3/20/14 License number posted online (Website said "Updated March 18th", "Issue Date March 19th")

3/27/14 Received license in the mail :)

So there it is! Also, while i'm here might as well talk NCLEX right? Mine stopped at 85, felt like a complete failure, walked out already planning when I would be able to retake it. Had about 15 SATA's and LOTS of prioritizing (which patient would you see first, etc.) I did the Pearson Vue trick right away and got the "good" pop up, sooo, as far as I've seen and heard, the PVT DOES work! Anywho, I will check back periodically to see if there is anything else I can help with! Good luck to all and God bless! :)

Priscilla Marie, LVN :D

charnsuka, ADN

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Congrats. What did you use to study?

can you please tell me what you study cause i need help with contents and i wanted to take mine in may


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Congrats! Took mine 4/1/13 nclex pn here in CA. I stopped 91. Tried the pvt after an hour and i got the good pop up. Waiting results til next month maybe :(


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Congrats! I'm also from Cali and took the nclex the 31st of January 2014 and 3 weeks later got the passing result PVT worked! I used exam cram with the cd and Saunders


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I too felt like I failed after the test since I did all 205 max questions I've been hearing a rumor where someone from the testing center everyday gets all 205 questions but not sure how true it is.


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Hi there! For me, what worked was solo studying using Saunders 5-6 days a week AT LEAST an hour each day, then group study with a couple girls twice a week, using exam cram and lots of questions (always reading the rationale, right or wrong). Did this for about a month before testing.

Also, as far as a specific area to focus studying, there really isn't one. After testing I tried pinpointing a few main areas for friends, but you kinda just have to know a little bit of everything :\ I liked Saunders because it starts with a patho refresh, then moves into diseases/conditions.

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I'm in Sac also..where did you go to school? I'm hoping to start at Carrington soon.


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Hello everyone! I just need some advice. I just took the nclex pn on sep 5, stopped at 85, felt like I failed the test... And this waiting game... I'm really nervous. I'm just praying, somehow, maybe, just maybe, there will be hope and a chance that I passed the test. Thanks all. Congrats to all the passers!

Ps. I haven't tried the pvt trick. Some say it works, some doesn't... Idk..

hi there. I took nclex pn exam last sept 15 and i did the pvt and it directs me to cc payment.. i did some reaseach and some says that pvt is not working anymore, they did some changes in payment that fixed the glitch. Mine stopped at 85 too and i had alot of SATA question and had no computations.. Im really nervous.. I thought i failed the exam but theres a part of me thats telling me that i passed. Im so anxious right now. i just want to know the result.. i cant wait for weeks.


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Priscilla,Didn't you have to pay the state $120 (or i think it's $150) for the license fee in order to get the actual licence?