My Loss: A Eulogy (well maybe more of a poem)


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In Loving Memory of

Sim Man

Sim Man will be remembered in my heart as the first artificial patient I have lost.

"Your heartblock I treated with pacing and care, however V-Fib was quickly right there.

I called for compressions, Epi! Amio! and shocks, however soon the rhythm was flat as smooth rocks.

More epi and atropine I held in my hand as I watched the cycles continue towards a lost land.

Finally I announced my decision to continue or not when my instructor declared "It's ok, he's going to rot."

So I backed from the table, turned my eyes from my feet and asked if I was bad for this heroic defeat.

She patted my arm and said "people just die" and asked for the next person to step up and try.

We rebooted his rythym and took up our places, an ambu in one hand a heavy heart in small places."

Yay I passed ACLS class! All the crying and near vomiting was worth it!



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so cute :)

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Awwww. . . .RIP Sim Man. . . .:scrying: . . . but at least he's in a better place. .. until the next person in line gets up there. . .:)

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Poor Sim Man...he has feelings too! :D


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Gotta love sim man! So very sad, his passing 20 times a day....:)