My friend and I took the NCLEX the same day


Hello all, I have a question regarding NCLEX-RN test results. My friend and I took the California NCLEX on Dec. 11, and his name showed up on the BRN website while mine didn't. Is that a reliable sign that I didn't pass? would there be any reason why my friends name would show up before mine? would anyone please answer my questions? I am in distress right now, and can't think straight!!

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Doesn't mean anything, best thing to do is wait for letter or name on website. Many have posted on here that they got letter before seeing their name on the ebsite

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Hey I also took the test on Dec 11 and my name appeared today =), I just want to let you know that sometimes they dont have your transcripts or there is a problem, many of my friends had to wait for a month because of these kind of problems.

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jcruz pm me your email

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