My boyfriend got the good pop up!!!


He took his RN Boards this morning. 200+Q and he ran out of time. He was so down and confused. My poor baby. But he did the PVT while I was on the phone and he's like "what's this? It says our records indicate you have already registered.." I WAS SCREAMINGGG!! :D he's like what? What's wrong?! I said YOU PASSED!! that's the good pop up!! He. Is. Freaking. Out. As I'm typing hahaha!

I'm so happy for him!! If only I could fly to CA but maybe when I get my first paycheck I will. Lol. Yay!! We're both RNs. I passed last week and he passed this week. Oh me gee. This is awesome (:

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Btw @mrabbz is my boo aka boyfriend. So yay him!! (:


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I am soooo happy for you both...i can feel the joy. Mine's coming up soon. Feel like im running out of time. Doing ncsbn now.

Hmmm any advice

Good luck to you both!