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MUSC ABSN Fall of 2015


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Are you able to look today mocapoca?


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Yes i am in the MUSC library right now and can access it. Here you go! This was updated 1/6/15 @ 3:44am. First numbered column is "in progress". Second for pending, third accepting, fourth deferring, fifth declining, sixth not offered, seventh total. Hope that helps!

You're awesome! Thanks so much!!!

Randi when are you guys suppose to find out if you guys made it or not?

The website says 30 days after the deadline date however everything I have ever read people do not find out until around mid march so I am not expecting to hear anything until about 15 March or so...unfortunately.

oh ok I am rooting for you lol.... I hate the waiting game but March is around the corner... Fingers crossed

Yeah I am trying to put it into the back of my mind because I am starting the CNA program at Trident Tech next week and it'll at least keep my mind occupied until the first of march or so. I am hoping I am at least an alternate and people forfeit their spots lol

That's pretty good... School starts on Monday ugh I don't want to go :( I need a longer break

I love school lol I am so bored (even with working, volunteering, a husband, and a daughter lol) so I am pretty excited it is starting back up!


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You're awesome! Thanks so much!!!

You are welcome! Good luck! (: this is an awesome program and they prepare you well. I'm almost done with orientation for the week and by the time I graduate, I will be one bad-ass nurse! (:

How large is a typical cohort at musc?


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80 students! So some of the ppl you correspond with on allnurses will turn out to be some of your closest friends. So connect with them!

Hi everyone! Just joining this thread to say hello. I'll be starting in the Fall. I applied in the Spring 2015 cohort but had to defer for work. Looking forward to meeting all of you when the fun begins in August!! Best of luck to everyone currently in the application cycle!

Nerdcamp, would you mind sharing your stats from when you applied?

Hi everyone, I just applied for fall 2015! I am an out-of-state student so I know the odds are a little against me but i'm very excited/nervous! Good luck to everyone!

What are your stats hopealoper??

They're not the best haha... 3.1 from my undergrad at UCSD, but I have 4.0 in the pre-reqs. I have been volunteering in the ER and Pediatric Day Hospital, and I have also shadowed in the OR. Next month I will start work as a CNA in a cardiac telemetry unit. I know my undergrad gpa isn't great but hopefully my volunteer, shadowing, and soon to be work experience will help :)