MSNBC/Connected and Arnold's Affair??????

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Watched as a reporter talked on camera regarding this affair and the cover-up of the affair by a magazine that paid the woman for her story. Said the affair was an on again/off again fling for over 7 years. Magazine killed story so Arnold would be consultant for their physical fitness department. Anybody hear this story? Any comments?

I feel sorry for the kids and even Maria, she seems to love this man.


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Tabloid's Deal With Woman Shielded Schwarzenegger

By Peter Nicholas and Carla Hall

Los Angeles Times Staff Writers

August 12, 2005

SACRAMENTO ...quot; Days after Arnold Schwarzenegger jumped into the race for governor and girded for questions about his past, a tabloid publisher wooing him for a business deal promised to pay a woman $20,000 to sign a confidentiality agreement about an alleged affair with the candidate.

American Media Inc., which publishes the National Enquirer, signed a friend of the woman to a similar contract about the alleged relationship for $1,000.

American Media's contract with Gigi Goyette of Malibu is dated Aug. 8, 2003, two days after Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy on a late-night talk show. Under the agreement, Goyette must disclose to no one but American Media any information about her "interactions" with Schwarzenegger.

American Media never solicited further information from Goyette or her friend, Judy Mora, also of Malibu, both women said. The Enquirer had published a cover story two years earlier describing an alleged seven-year sexual relationship between Goyette and Schwarzenegger during his marriage to Maria Shriver, California's first lady....


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I didn't care when it was Clinton and I don't care with Ahnold either.


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I'm with you. It's between Maria and Arnold. No one else.

I didn't care when it was Clinton and I don't care with Ahnold either.


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I'm with you. It's between Maria and Arnold. No one else.

I agree. :nurse:

I was just surprised this reporter would go on national TV, discuss this subject and supposed deal, as if it was the publics right to know vs. a private and personal situation.

I do not care for Arnold. He is arrogant, crass, and clueless on manners, but even he deserves some consideration when children are involved. I listened to Maria once tell what it was like being a Kennedy and always being the subject of gossip. She made it clear to everyone that there were no saints in the family but it was hurtful to the kids hearing so much gossip. I feel for her and the kids.


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I am more concerned with a candidate for governor making a deal to pay "hush money" than anyones private life.

I don't consider a movie set, location shoot, or gym open to public membership "private".

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