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MSN programs

I've been an OR nurse since 2008 and work in So Cal at a University hospital. This was my first job after graduating from RN with Associate's Degree. I graduated from ASU with BSN on Dec 2013 and now I am contemplating in returning to school to pursue my MSN, however, I'm unsure which program to get into...Geriatric NP, Clinical Nurse Leadership, or Nurse Educator.

Since, I went straight from RN school into a specialty, like the OR, I am ashamed to say that my clinical in bedside nursing is rusty....Just need some advice...any advice will do....


lub dub

Has 27 years experience.

These are three very different occupations.

-Geriatric NP: These are in high demand, & you can make good money. Obviously, you must enjoy working with the elderly, & have excellent assessment & diagnostic skills. Monday - Friday schedule, with possible call.

-Clinical Nurse Leadership: Not sure of the demand for these, but I would easily say that it comes in third of the three. OK pay, though you must have good clinical skills. Usually Monday - Friday schedule.

-Nurse educator: Very high demand for these in nursing school settings, less so in hospital settings. Pay is not that great in school settings. If you work for a nursing school, you will almost certainly have a clinical group in a hospital, so your clinical/bedside skills must be top notch. Monday - Friday schedule, with possible summers off.

Hope this helps. Best of luck...

Worth asking

But were you considering a MSN- Nursing Leadership or a CNL Clinical Nursing Leadership ?

Because the CNL doesnt seem particularly good

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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CNL is basically a VA-associated role. I cannot say I've seen it anywhere else.

Thank you for your advice. Prior to being an RN, I worked as an LVN/LPN at a skilled nursing facility for 5 years. I enjoyed working with the geriatric population, that's why I was considering in returning to school to become an NP. I just don't have as much experiences in diagnostic skills.


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