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MSN-Is it too late to go back?

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I just need some encouragement and clarity to what I should do. I have a non-nursing bachelor. I’ve been in a BSN program before but got pregnant during the program, had severe postpartum depression, and ended up failing pharmacology twice and was dismissed from the program. Since then, I never went back for my nursing degree. 4 years down the road, I can’t stop thinking about going back to school for a MSN program for non-nursing bachelor students. The only down side is my undergraduate GPA is only 3.0 but my science courses GPA is 3.4. I have to retake AP and statistic because the time for those courses expired for applying.

I have 10+ years of nursing/medical experience in med surg, NICU, and ICU. I love nursing and I want to become a nurse and NP one day. I want to prove to myself that I can make my dream come true and stop feeling like a failure. So my question is, is it too late to go back to grad school? Should I try to raise my GPA by taking extra classes? How do I overcome my fear of failure so I can reach my dream of becoming a nurse one day? I’m so tired of feeling sorry for myself. I always have doctors and nurses telling me why am I not going back to school to become a nurse. They all praise me for my work ethic and say I would be an amazing nurse. I really want to believe that. I really wish I can become an amazing nurse one day. Just need some encouragement! 😞

I’m from MN, so I want to apply to University of Minnesota’s MSN program, Metropolitan State University, and St. Catherine’s University.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Hi. And no it is never too late. Check with the universities you want to look into, you may not need to retake anything. I have been a nurse for 18 years as RN before going back for BSN, now I am on my way to MSN. I say, as long as you have the desire and your still breathing, it is never too late for ANYTHING. !!

Best Wishes

your fellow nurse.

Oh and P.S. I was a LVN for 15 years before going back for RN! Go get 'em!

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Life interrupted my plans for the MSN back in 2017. Now, it appears I'm on track to begin the MSN pursuit again come June.

Like the previous poster, I too was an LPN for a very long time before going back to school (24 years); RN for the last 10 years, and BSN for the last 6 years. If it's what you want, go get it!


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GO BACK!❤️👏 Attained my CNA certificate in 2000. Became an LVN in 2005. Became an RN-BSN in August 2019. Now accepted in the FNP fall program at Holy Names University. Hope this helps.😀

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In response to your question, if your life circumstances will allow you to pursue further education and this is what you need to achieve your goals... it's never too late to go back to school!

Have you communicated with any of the advisors at your desired schools? They may have some recommendations as to what is the best approach.

Also, in regards to encouragement - look at your current support system and let them know what your working on so they can offer you encouragement along the way. In addition, figure out ways to encourage yourself; be it a screen saver on your computer with an inspirational statement that means something to you, a reward you plan for yourself for applying, or something else that will have meaning for you!

Best of luck to you!

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Do it! It’s never too late. Good luck!

You certainly can do it. Since it sounds like you're struggling with some doubts and insecurities with your previous academic pursuits, you might want to start off with just trying out one class. You mentioned needing to re-do A&P and stats. A&P in particular would be a good course to start with: it's very related to nursing, you've already successfully taken in, and it could help ease you back into academics and increase your confidence to go forward. It's great that you have long-term goals like becoming an NP. Use these to help keep you motivated. Good luck!