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MS Liberation Therapy

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I am a nursing student and I am looking for a nurse who is involved in politically advocating for MS Liberation Therapy. If you can speak to this I am looking for answers to the following questions:

1. How are you involved in advocating for the MS Liberation Therapy procedure?

2. What challenges or difficulties have you encountered (both personally and professionally) as an advocate for this still controversial procedure?

3. Why have you chosen to advocate for MS Liberation Therapy?

4. What specific steps have you taken to advocate for this procedure?

5. How would you suggest other nurses become involved in advocating for this procedure?


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Can you perhaps provide a link or some explanation as to what this is?


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im guessing this is getting someone off morphine who is physically addicted?

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What I found was about multiple sclerosis.

We need some clarification from the OP.

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I thought it was about a Women's Liberation movement....

I'm surprised you guys haven't heard about this? It's all over the news in Canada. The premise is that by widening the neck veins through balloon angioplasty and possibly stents, a chronic insufficiency in MS patient's blood flow to the brain can be relieved...possibly decreasing some of the MS sufferers' symptoms. Its in the news here because people are flocking to foreign countries to get the treatment and then returning to Canada and being denied follow-up. At least one patient has recently died after developing clots in his stents. He returned to the country of surgery (Costa Rica) and was given massive amounts of clot busters which eventually let to his death. Scary stuff.

traumaRUs, MSN, APRN, CNS

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Here is a link:

Researcher cautions trial for MS 'liberation' therapy years away

And here's a link to the pt who lost his life:

Details emerge about man who died after MS therapy - CTV News

I looked for some scientific studies and couldn't find any and that's concerning whenever you are considering something controversial.

This bears watching but at this point seems very experimental.

There have been numerous reports of people finding relief (though sometimes temporary) with this treatment...I agree, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. At least one province here has agreed to some limited studies. I assume to many MS sufferers any possible treatment no matter how bizarre would look like a pot of gold.

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Thanks for the clarification.

The thought did flash through my mind that it might be therapy for computer addicts...:D

Hi everyone...thanks for all the responses I guess I took it for granted since it is such a hot topic in healthcare in Canada right now! But yes, the references to Zamboni's angioplasty treatment are what I was talking about. He actually spoke out today in response to the case in which the patient died and said it was not a procedure approved by him and used a stent.