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so if we're checking everyone for MRSA, shouldn't we treat that the same way?

Exactly. My hospital does this for anyone with a history of MRSA or that comes from a ECF.

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The policy at my hospital is that everyone with a history of MRSA or other common isolation bug (VRE, C. diff) will be on isolation precautions for the duration of their hospital stay. You never know when something might pop back up.

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no. because if you are practicing standard precautions.. including handwashing this shouldn't be a problem. It wouldnt be very cost effective to put everyone in isolation for nothing.. and i think that is why hospitals wouldnt do that

Oh, I totally understand that. I don't necessarily think that we SHOULD be doing it either...but if we're not going to, then I guess I'm not understanding culturing everybody that walks in the door. If we have reason to believe they are MRSA positive (meaning they have an open wound), we culture them and put them on iso either way, and if they have a hx we put them on it also...I just think it's overkill to do routine cultures on all admissions.


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i definately agree. It's a whole different ball game if you have an oozing wound. If someone comes in with acute coronary syndrome I don't see putting them on isolation for MRSA until it is ruled out. If the pt has a hx of MRSA then of course isolation until their culture is negative.


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Ok.. just following up on the thread I started. What if the patient has MRSA in the nares? We are to wear a mask, right? If they are on a vent can they still sneeze and spread it?? Thanks again! E


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Not unless a sputum culture is positive for MRSA

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