MRSA in Nares- contact precautioned?


  1. Should we treat MRSA + nares as contact precaution patients?

    • Absolutely! Better safe than sorry
    • No: nares cultures are limited
    • Maybe: I strictly follow my facility guidelines
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      Maybe: only for some specialties
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If a patient tests positive for MRSA in the nares, do we treat them like we do all patients placed upon contact precautions?

I was taught that terminal cleaning was required and that personnel should be (1.) notified, and (2.) given appropriate PPE. My facility and director say that "we treat ALL patients like they are contact precautions" (we do not). Thoughts?

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Most healthcare workers would be positive for MRSA if their nares were cultured.

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MRSA screens look for colonization, not infection, which are two very different things. Whether or not a facility uses contact isolation precautions for colonization as well as active infection varies, and in my experience it's about 50/50 between those isolate for colonization vs isolating only for active infection.

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We follow isolation policy for MRSA in the nares. Anyone who is admitted the day of surgery for a surgery that will require ICU postop is tested several days prior. All other patients are tested on admission to ICU. We also test all patients who are admitted from a long term care facility.


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We used to do contact precautions for this at my facility, but they changed it in the last two years.