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Moving out of state after graduation?


I graduate in a couple weeks. I currently live in Florida. I am moving to Ohio next month. I know Ohio is not compact state. My school will send my information to the Florida board. I know I can take the test in Ohio. My question is, when I take my test in Ohio and pass, does that mean I would receive a Florida license? So therefore I would apply for Ohio license after? Or would it be a Ohio license when I test in Ohio?

any advice?

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Doesn’t matter where you take the test, you get a licence for the state you submitted your application to

So I would apply to take my exam in Ohio since I will be living in that state, so I would be issued an Ohio license?

You should apply for licensure by examination with, and submit your application to the OH BON. Your school will need to provide your application information to the OH BON. Even though you are applying for licensure in OH, you can write the NCLEX at any approved testing center.


Although you have to apply for licensure online, the OH BON provides a paper copy of the application for reference.


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