moving to phone triage..age 56....any suggestions

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I will be getting my Florida License any day now. Have been licensed and working in Michigan for the past 32 years...Thinking about moving to Sarasota, Florida. Have many relatives throughout Florida.

Currently working in phone triage @ 24./hr. I am 56 years old and in good health....Anyone have any thoughts or ideas about Sarasota.....what I can expect?


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Right now Sarasota Memorial is in a hiring freeze. It should be letting up some soon because season is about to start. If your interested in knowing more about SMH email me your questions and I'll answer them for you. [email protected]

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I have friends that live there and love it! I would love to live there!



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I lived in Sarasota for a while, and still have family in the area, so I get to visit often ~ LOVE IT!!


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I did a travel assignment at Sarasota Memorial. I love it there too. Doctor's Hodpital is also in Sarasota. I don't know anything about it though. Bradenton is about 40 minutes away. They have two hospitals there. No state tax. Plenty of sunshine. Get movin' girl.


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I live in Miami. There are many nursing opportunites in the Tampa Bay area. Lots of Medicare Home Health Agencies. Many ACLF's, Nursing Homes that would welcome you with open arms.

There is a medical school in the area, University of South Florida with good hospitals close by. Sarasota hospital pools for per diem. You might like contacting a Travel Nurse Agency, and travel locally. I took a 13 week travel contract, 50 miles from my home. I have all the benefits plus a tax free 1,000 housing allowance per month. They do the job hunting for you.

Good luck in your new area.

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