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I am a Canadian Nurse with 2 years Peds ICU nursing experience in a level 1 trauma centre in Toronto, Ontario Canada. My husband is origionally from Missouri and I just got my green card and we are moving to Missouri in 5 weeks.

I am having a hard time trying to choose which peds hospital to apply to. Does anyone have some suggestions for some good trauma centres?

Also, I was reading that base rate is like $20/hr there. Is this true??? I can hardly believe that...we start at almost $30 here before differentials....

Thanks...any insite would be great

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Which area of Missouri are you coming to? The large cities are either St. Louis or Kansas City which are on opposite sides of the state! In between there are LOTS of other areas!!

In the St. Louis area the largest children's hospitals are either Children's or Cardinal Glennon.

I have no idea what the salary would be for an experienced RN in your field. New grads start in the vicinity of $20/hour. I would have to think with the experience you mention your hourly would be more.

I'm also not sure about the cost of living difference from your area to where we are in the states, but my husband attended school here with a number of students who were here from Canada and it was mentioned many times over that it was cheaper to live here when they reluctantly headed home.

Please feel free to return and post the area you are considering relocating to so that you may receive more specific, guided answers to your question!!


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In Kansas City the only Children's Hospital is Children's Mercy. It is a very large hospital with many different campuses. I dont know the going rate though as I am a LPN and do not work there yet.


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I know a friend of mine works in KU med center right on the mo/ ks line in Kansas City She worked PICU and made about $33/hr. I think in specialty areas in the METRO areas in MO would be more than just a regular m/s new grad nurse. Our rural hospital starts our about 20 with a 3/hr shift diff for nights. I now the Joplin/ Springfield area pay a lot less. Good luck.

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