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Hey All.... I am uprooting my family from California and moving to Texas in the Spring. Kind of nervous about this move but it is in the best interest of our family. I have been an RN since May 2008 and have worked in L&D, postpartum and an outpatient surgical center in PACU. I have applied for my Texas temporary license and am awaiting confirmation. I have applied to jobs and sent out 22 resumes by mail. So far no luck with anything. I am even starting to consider getting a traveling assignment until I can get a permanent job.

My question is what are the best hospitals/ surgical centers to work at and how much is the average hourly wage in the area? I know that I most likely wont make as much as I do here, but I want to be prepared in this move. Any tips or suggestions on landing a good job there?

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Ok well rethought....maybe with all of this stuff about Group One I will consider moving to San Antonio instead. That Group One stuff scares the crud out of me. Any thoughts??


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I would not move ANYWHERE right now until you already have a job secured. Texas has a reputation of not having been hit by this recession, but that is not the case. Best of luck.

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We're still hiring experienced nurses in Houston - especially those who have specialty qualifications like the OP. Not so many jobs in the Med Center, but new hospitals are opening up in suburban areas so they will need staff. San Antonio has an abundance of nursing schools, so their basic supply is higher than other areas. You may want to also consider mid-size markets like Beaumont, Odessa-Midland, Amarillo, etc.

I would agree though - get a job lined up before you move!

I am definitely going to get a job before moving......I have a good job here so if I dont have a job there, no sense in moving just yet. My hubby still wants the DFW area but the whole Group One thing scares me. Baylor surgical center called me to talk to me though.....looks rewarding.


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