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moving to Colorado?

AmberKirk AmberKirk (New) New

So my husband is in Denver working right now and wants to move there. I been a RN for 2 1/2 years. Whats the pay? Whats the city like? Is it family oriented? How is the schools? Living expenses?


South of Denver,Highlands ranch area is amazing. I loved living there and can't wait to go back once done with nursing school in Nashville. Not sure on pay since I was only a CNA while there. I loved that you could be in the city and 30 minutes later hiking or snowboarding in the mountains. Best wishes.

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Weird I also lived in Highlands Ranch for a long time...

I think the area is more expensive than it needs to be and the pay is not as high as I would like. BUT You can't ever get me away from my mountains again. There are a ton of hospitals to choose from, look at the thread below this and people are putting in their two cents on the different hospital groups there.

Denver Health and University pay better, VA pays the best, but very hard to get into. Centura and HCA pay less but the bennies are good. Not sure about SCL hospitals. You can apply online before moving so you get a feel for the job market.

Loads of good places to live, highlands ranch is one, but it's not cheap. I grew up in southeast Denver and love it. Southeast Aurora is nice, the new Stapleton area is as well. I have always wanted to live downtown, but very expensive.

When you say schools, I assume you mean for your kids, not that you are going back to school. As I said, I have lived here all my life and public schools suck! The Denver and Aurora schools are NOT an option you will likely want to pursue, Cherry Creek is a little tiny bit better, Douglas is probably best. There are charter school options and loads of good privates. I went to charter when I was little and then private for high school because my parents saw what was going on in the publics and refused to send me to one. Colorado does have a 'school report card' where you can get information on how individual schools do on test scores, drugs, violent crimes, etc. I can't remember the website, you would need to Google, but I strongly suggest you look into it before deciding where to send your kids.


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