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I don't work Med/Surg, I am in L&D. I do know when I was in nursing school a few yrs back and did clinicals at St Rose Dilema their med/surg did occasionally go to 7:1. I also did a report in nursing school comparing the nurse ratio laws in CA vs. not having them here in NV. I called around to a few units in different hospitals. None of them had a set policy stating a ratio, which meant it could vary depending on the amt of staff vs pts.

I wish you the best of luck no matter where you decide to go ;)

Thanks so much for the info.:balloons: At least I know what I'm getting into.

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can't tell you much about MountainView, except it is an HCA hospital.

Was there once as a postop patient: some good nurses, some bad.

Spring Valley OB/GYN and L&D work very well as a team, with everyone enjoying their jobs still. And that makes a difference in the work environment. We do about 200 delivereis a month and OB also handles alot of GYN patients. I should think it would be a good place to start as an RN.

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yes i have floated down to the post partum at springvalley and i just love the nurses down there..they are very helpful and kind. i agree w/ haze.. they are wonderful.


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I AM CURRENTLY A RN in North Dakota and am moving to Vegas in 2008-my apartment is only a block from MountainView so I am going to try and work there-any thoughts on the transfer of licenses? Anything else I should be aware of or need to plan for?

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