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Mother of 7 is bored at work

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Hi Nurse Beth,

I have been a nurse for 19 yrs primarily in Peds ( med/surg, PICU, pedsED, CICU, PACU adults/peds ambulatory,) I’ve been a sedations nurse in peds radiology ambulatory setting for the past 7 years. I am 44 yrs old and gave birth to my 7th baby 3 months ago.

My current job is part time and is amazing in support, flexibility, no weekends/ holidays. However, I am getting extremely bored and unless I go into management there is no room for growth. I am in an ambulatory setting connected to a large children’s hospital. I am not interested in management at all. I would have to return to main hospital for any real opportunities.

I am however passionate about holistic and integrative medicine. For the past 2 years I’ve been starting a Health Coaching practice for women with Diabetes. I’ve spent tons of money on marketing help to get clients as well as, getting certifications. My clients are literally trickling in so I am thinking of putting a halt on my practice for now, especially with homeschooling 5 kids with a newborn and preschooler. I am spending so much time on social media and doing other things that I don’t enjoy just to convince people that working with me would be valuable.

It will be at least 5 yrs before I have all kids in school full time so I am only willing to work part time because family comes first. I’ve thought of going back to the ICU but when I think of going back to the rat race of the hospital I’m immediately turned off. A lot of us Nurses are so passionate but our work environments are so toxic and we just get burnt out.

I am finding it difficult to pursue my passion, raise my family, and have life balance all in one. I don’t have the money right now to pursue a masters which would give me autonomy and an opportunity to practice what I love as an FNP.

Do you have any ideas on how I can mesh the two or where I should begin my Job Search? I have a lot of love and compassion to give, love to educate and support, I love assessment and using my clinical skills but most of all I LOVE my family. In nursing you can pursue your passion but expect to be used and abused until your burnt out. At my age I’m not willing to do that anymore.
Thanks for your help

Dear Loves Family,

Seven children? My hat is off to you!

You are not being challenged at work, and you have an entrepreneurial spirit, as well as many talents. Your first love is your family and your primary focus is your children, at least for the next 5 years. You've already discovered that a business takes 100% effort and focus to get started.

Your main challenge to finding satisfying and challenging work is working part-time. I completely agree with your choice to work part-time, having 7 children, 5 of whom are not in school. But part-time limits your career options to either shift work or some kind of job-sharing agreement, typically in a job in which you are already established.

There is one job that stands out that sometimes accommodates part-timers, and it's house supervisor. This job is never boring because every shift is different. It's not management, it's high-level coordinating and trouble-shooting- much like the skills it takes to manage 7 children:).

Another option is to choose to hang in there with the job you have that allows you to do what you love most- homeschool your children and spend time with your little ones -invaluable. Five years is not forever. Once your kids are all in school, you can return to school yourself and choose your future.

At the same time, consider if there's any way to make your job more interesting. Do your protocols need review? Do other staff need training in rescue drugs and dosages?

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

Start your job search today!


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Thank you Nurse Beth,

I appreciate your insight. You have given me a few things to consider.

Have you considered working for an agency? You work when you want. They don't always have work when you want it. But they make money when you work. So they want you working.

Some agencies do flu shots and temp checking, probably soon Covid vax. Not exactly challenging or stimulating but it's an income and pretty much on your own schedule.

With young kids, you are fortunate to be able to stay home as much as possible, although I understand the urge to be in business for yourself. The time will come, sooner than you might think, when that will be more practical.

Best wishes.


Specializes in Pediatrics: Med/surg, ICU, PACU, sedation. Has 19 years experience.

Thank you so much for your input.