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This term we are working on "the person at risk" with a primary focus on Mother/Baby. Today we did mock teaching of things like peri care, breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, swaddling, burping, etc. We even had a real mom and baby (another nursing student) come in and actually do these things so we could see them.

Then we talked about key things to know for clinical. The teachers want us to know things but also know the WHY behind them! I.e. we need to know all about vitamin k, hemolytic something or other, pathological jaundice adn etc.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew of any websites geared for nursing students in mother/baby?


I'm excited! The thing is I know very little about babies!!!!


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Anybody? Help! :):)

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Here's a website that someone started that has Maternal/Child notes. Hope this helps!

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Hi CherokeeSummer,

I'm starting my 8-week maternity rotation in the fall - looking forward to it! :) I don't know of any websites (yet), but surely you have a textbook? Ours will be Foundations of Maternal-Newborn Nursing, 3rd ed (Gorrie, Murray, et al).


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Lippincott's Review Series: Maternal-Newborn Nursing is a good review book. It also has cd with 200 study questions.


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Thanks all! I'm going to check out the site and the cd that came with our textbook. We are using Piliteri.



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