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I know, I know. Another shoe thread. I have a Morton's neuroma in my left foot and haven't worn sneakers or any other closed toes shoe for about a year, with the exception of dance performances. I wear sandals, clogs, or Vibrams everywhere, including to work. I have a doctor's note that allows me to wear the Vibrams at work.

I am fully aware I cannot wear slip on shoes like clogs or sandals, and definitely not Vibrams, for clinicals or in the real world at work. I am just looking for a shoe that will not irritate my neuroma.

So, these are my school's guidelines for shoes: "Closed-toe, all leather-soled shoes (Must be an Oxford or athletic type shoe made of all white leather and may not have open toes, holes in the toes area, or a fabric insert. Shoes must have a back; no mules or clogs)."

Does this mean I can't get Danskos? I like the wide toe box on them and was thinking that would help with the neuroma. I'm going to ask at orientation to be sure, but I'm not sure what kind of shoes to get if I can't get Danskos. What else would fit the above description with a wide tow box?


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have you asked your doctor for advice? Consider a wider toe box or diabetic shoes. I hope there is something out there for you!

My school has a similar description as yours for shoes, and Dansko shoe with a back are allowed. Your safest bet is to contact someone in the department and ask them. Chances are Dansko shoes are allowed. :)

PS. I have Mortons neuromas in both feet, and the dansko shoes never cause me problems. Try to buy them from a store where they can size you properly (somewhere like The Walking Company).

I had four neuromas (two in each foot), which I had removed, which then grew back into stumps, which I then had corrective surgery to separate the nerve from the stumps and implant the nerve ending into my arch muscles...which is the only thing that has worked so far for my MN. I have tried everything from changing shoes, metatarsal lifts (which you might try using inside your shoes), custom-casted orthotics, cortisone, alcohol injections, electroshockwave therapy, cryosurgery, and then the traditional and corrective surgeries I already mentioned. What I know about shoes is that not only do you want a shoe with a wide toe box, but you also want one that is zero drop (has no heel or elevation from heel to toe), and is extremely flexible, like the VFFs you have. The reason it is so important to find a shoe without a heel is because when you wear shoes with heels of any height, you are forced to place your weight over your toes which increases the swelling and inflammation of the neuroma or nerve. There is a toe separator that people are talking about that has helped them avoid having more invasive treatment to cure or relieve their MN. It's called Correct Toes, and you can wear them inside your shoes.

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Glad to know that Danskos are probably allowed and that they didn't cause your neuroma any issues Jmtagg. I'm checking with my program at orientation tomorrow to see if shoes like Danskos are allowed. BarefootTJ, sounds like you've been through the wringer with neuromas! I'd forgotten all about zero drop. That makes it even more difficult. I may need to buy metatarsal inserts as I am having a difficult time finding zero drop shoes that also meet all the other requirements, especially color. I placed my order for Correct Toes and won't be buying any shoes until they arrive and I can try on shoes wearing them. Thanks for that! My feet look exactly how the picture shoes them looking for wearing modern footwear. My little toe is almost turned sideways. Thank fully Vibrams has helped with that somewhat. I'll be buying a lot of inserts it appears. Maybe I'll get lucky and at orientation tomorrow they can recommend me something. I REALLY want to buy some Star Soft Shoes as I can design my own but their website is down so I'm not sure they would meet the requirements.

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agllegra (sp?) i have four pair, they do come in all white option.......pricey 109.00, but worth every cent, with every step :sour:

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I just wanted to point out that Danskos have a wedge/incline. Many like this aspect, but if you're not supposed to wear heels, maybe you shouldn't wear these either

I also have two nuromas on the left, one which I had removed and has grown back and one forming on my right foot. How many years has it been since you had the corrective surgery and how is the healing process? It's horrible to alter so much of ones wardrobe because footwear is problematic. Thanks for your insight.

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