Morphine shortage?

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I sometimes wish there were a Dilaudid shortage. We could post a sign in triage and reduce our daily census by at least 25%.



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I sometimes wish there were a Dilaudid shortage. We could post a sign in triage and reduce our daily census by at least 25%.




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My PACU stocks 10mg/4mg/2mg morphine in carpujets. Pharmacy has been filling syringes from vials due to shortages....I took the last 2mg syringe and had no idea when more would come. Demerol and dilaudid stocks are going to do well....:idea::twocents:


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I wish our pharmacy would fill our syringes for us...hahaha :p

We stock 2mg, 10mg, 15mg, and 50mg vials. We used to fill a syringe and save the unused morphine for that patient if they needed more later, so that we wouldn't have to waste any. Pharmacy have since told us to stop doing this because morphine is so cheap that there is no need to save it! Just discard all the unused morphine right away. We have tons of Demerol and Dilaudid too. I'm in Canada and I'm bot sure what brand we use. Is this shortage only in the US?



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I was told by my hospital that there is a nationwide shortage of morphine dilauded and nubain? I was told that the nation will be restocked sometime in February. I work in the PACU? Besides toradol and fentanyl, what other nursing interventions and medications can I give?


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I remembered this post yesterday as I had heard that Oklahoma had executed a man with phenobarbital instead of the usual sodium thiopental, due to the shortage of the drug. It had the OK of the supreme court and the execution went on using phenobarbital and there were no problems reported.

It just made me think of the shortage of morphine, and I wondered how many other drugs are in short supply? I know that almost everyone is familiar with morphine, but I'm wondering if there are other drugs on back order?

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We use Dilaudid so much now, I don't think our hospital will ever run out of Morphine! Lol

We do too. We just typically give 4mg Zofran IV just before the Dilaudid. Saves a lot of mess :)


Abbreviations R Us :)


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We hardly ever use 2mg MS...4mg or Dilaudid...guess we are generous :-)

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