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I want to thank everyone for all of the comments made from when I asked about the NCLEX-PN, but I need more help. I took a NCLEX mock test for a review course and found out that I failed it. I got low in pharm and extremely low in vocabulary [i couldn't spell some of those words in the fill-in questions or I didn't know the answer]. We had a posttest and I passed it and they didn't go over the questions I missed. I am lost and very confused. I just feel that I cannot pass it and I have lost more faith. I graduate on August 4th and was planning to take the NCLEX-PN in late September or early October. They gave us a review book and I have been using it and I have done some of the Saunders. If I don't make a 75% in the Saunders on the tests in the book then I am re-reading the chapters. I do have Kaplan, but I was going to wait a month to read it before I took the test. I have been going over my pharm, mainly, by looking at the ending of the medications [for example, -caine, Lidocaine, local anesthetic]. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips that could help me or any books to recommend. I am going to buy the three week NCSBN before I take the test as well. I just want to thank everyone and this is such a wonderful website.


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Sounds to me like you have a good plan. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed. Tackle it one day at a time, one chapter at a time, or five questions at a time. Try to study when you are well rested. Eat, sleep, exercise well. Give yourself enough time to prepare for the test, from one to three months. Get a calendar and make a plan, then follow your plan. You can do this. Approach it with steady preparation and don't waste too much time on doubt. Good luck.

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