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Do you have a clinic aide or close co-worker that has or is using the silent treatment on you for no apparent reason? Well at my school, we now do 6 months evals. The first 6 months, she was moody and mostly quiet but did her work. Now about 3 months ago her arthritis got worse in her shoulder (she is 49, I am 51 for the record) and they found a tear that will require surg in the summer and her husband is 65 and soon to retire. She one day got so upset that 2 students out of 15 seen that day, came to the clinic without a pass that she grabbed her head for 2 minutes, and said lordy lordy why. I got up and told her to take a break, she said no. She is usually very confident in what she says and gives out advice to others. She looked at me like I thought this was ok. I said we could let the 2 teachers know...before I could finish, she said she had emailed the whole school about sending students without passes. Overboard I thought. She's usually mean and nasty to half the students. She worked special aide for 6 years and now this is her 2nd year in the clinic and my 2nd year. Last year she was more humble but now she compares me with the co-lead nurse and says I'm too nice, (the co-lead nurse turns HS students away for contact solution and sanitary pads, I don't). The problem is since that day she got upset, she has stopped speaking or talking to me unless I say something to her. She will sit all day in this office 8 hours and read a book when caught up. If her friends walk in, she chats up a storm. My birthday was April 29 and she got me nothing and barely siad anything about it. For her birthday in February, I sent out an email to staff so she would get emails and calls, etc. I also placed signs on the doors and brought her a book gift. If she answers the phone, she acts as if she could handle the call without consulting the nurse. She mentioned maybe going back to special aide awhile back when upset over nothing. I didn't comment but I which I had because I think she is coming back next year. The prinicipal is too new to bother and the co-lead nurse likes her better since they are similar (mean, moody). I am sure I will give her another evaluation and was trying to find the comment words for her type. She does good work as far as first aide, immunizations, etc. But the silent treatment is dysfunctional, stressful and adds tense to the job. Any advice appreciated. I am glad for the help but now like this. I think she thinks she knows as much as I do. Also with the budget talks, I think she is trying to sell herself as the nurse. She is secretive and I don't trust anymore as a friend in the clinic. I did approach her months ago and asked why she wasn't talking and she said, " these students won't do what they're supposed to", I said, "well don't let the students upset you so much". That was 3 months ago. I only have myself so to speak as the supervisor. I think because she has more seniority and friends here, she isn't worried and thinks RNS will go before she does.

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Well I'm a health aide/ Clinic aide also and your clinic aide has a real problem. I can't even imagine working in that type of atomsphere as you describe. Me and my Lead nurse have a great relationship. She is the nurse and I'm the health aide and I report everything to her. There are no secrets and I feel as though I'm working under her license and there is no way I would talk with parents and staff about important issues and not let her know about it. The health aide is there most of the time and the lead nurse is there part-time, its crucial that you know whats going on in the school. You need to know that when you are not there at the school that the health room is running smoothly.

You, her, the principal, and your supervisor all need to have a meeting to re define roles. She must know that she is NOT a nurse and that she is working under your license. She also needs a major attitude re adjustment as well.

I'm sorry you are going through this. Just hang in there and hopefully this clinic aide get herself together or find another job.

Just my .02 cents !


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Being moody is one thing....but acting as the nurse is another. Do you have any guidelines in your district about what type of things aide's can do and what must be referred to the nurse. If not, I would think about getting one together. When she is giving medical advice on the phone - does she give accurate info? If not, you need to talk to her and document that you have talked to her!


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Sounds like she wants to be the center of attention and wants to be in control although she is not. There is no reason anyone should have to suffer due to her lack of self-esteem. Although she has been there a long time and has many friends there - I could almost bet she is pretty lonely. Just my :twocents:

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